My Interest in Other’s Words

Ever since the beginning of this experiment, in creativity, that I’m doing called “A Reconstruction in Jest,” I have been wanting to shape this single blog into a community of creative communicators, artists and thinkers. My hope is that Reconstruction can be a resource for anyone and everyone interested in hearing about what is going on with everyday creative people.

The community will hopefully look like an electron

Because of my dream for this community, it is important to have others (besides myself) be involved with Reconstruction and be willing to submit their craft to this community. I have several friends who are regular, or sometimes irregular bloggers.  All of whom have shown genuine interest in creating this community with me.

The first of these friends to put their life into words is my friend Chris.

Chris is an astute verbal communicator, a thinker and very passionate about language and culture. He is one of the most traveled people I know, having traveled to dozens of countries (37 to be exact) around the world and is willing to take his family with him, everywhere.

Currently, Chris and his family live in China where he is learning the Mandarin Chinese language.

The following blog post was written by Chris and, to me is a great lesson in engaging the world around us in a very simple and human manner. The idea that we should learn to speak the languages of others is not new, but what is exciting to me is that we have a chance to make friends with others and, how Chris says, to validate them.


One Response to “My Interest in Other’s Words”

  1. Hey man, Thanks for writing! Keep at it! Validation is true and key man. People need to feel valued and cared for always.

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