Unfinished Unintentionally

It’s unbelievable to me how much work it takes to get a job done. This past Saturday, a friend of mine and I spent the entire day laying new base board in my house. After hours of measuring and cutting, re-cutting and re-measuring, by late afternoon, we completed the job. Or so we thought.

After accidentally knocking it over with my foot, I noticed the we had completely forgotten to nail a piece of the baseboard down.


One piece of trim, left unfinished.

Am I always aware of the unfinished “baseboards” in my life? Are there things that I have accidentally left incomplete?

I believe that many of our struggles in life come from areas that we believe we have “dealt with.” One or two seemingly small matters have left us unable to move on and have left us wondering if the job will ever get done.

Let us strive to “complete” our jobs and tasks. To finish the trim and details of our lives. When we see we have a missing piece, let us repair it.


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